• Jan.
    I had been seconded to typical Japanese style company,and worked with thousands of Excel file. .

    It was worst, except that the my boss was a beautiful.

  • Feb.
    Decided to reave company.And have met Mobilus.
  • Mar.
    Vacation month, Re-get driving license at Tottori.
  • Apr.
    Start working at Mobilus.
  • May.
    My main task was converting social game from iOS to Android.PHP,js,unity,css3...
  • Jun.
    Started to learn MongoDB
  • Jul.
    Got married!
  • Aug.
    HoneyMoon at Bali.
    New project started. agile,git scram,English...
  • Sep.
    Started to learn Scala, and joined xitrum development.
  • Oct.
    Nothing special
  • Nov.
    Had a English presentation at RakutenTechConf.
  • Dec.
    New Project started. JS,CoffeeScript,